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Posted 5/25/2012 7:57am by Debra.


As a child growing up on this farm, it was always my mission to be the first one to find a ripe strawberry.  Of course I love strawberries so there was the joy of tasting the juicy goodness of the first berry-which inevitably had already been pecked by a robin before I got to it- but an even greater reward was to run into the house with enough strawberries to hand to everyone in the room.  With this week’s box, I feel like that same kid-excited to show you all what I found, and I’m assuming that your faces will light up just as my family’s faces always do! Enjoy your first taste of summer berries, and if you can, plan to stop by the farm June 16th for our strawberry festival and a chance to pick your own.


Produce Notes:

Strawberries- You are getting the first fruits of our strawberry patch this year.  After a crop failure last year, it is a joy to see these lovely berries this spring.  Now if we can all pray to the weather gods to hold back on the rain for the next couple of weeks, we hope to have more coming your way!

Asparagus – I hope you are still enjoying this spring staple.  It seems to be loving this hot humid weather of late which of course makes us farmers happy.  If you need a new idea for asparagus, try the Asparagus alla Milanese at the end of this newsletter.

Endive – We have endive for you again this week.  I have a new love of this green as it works great as a substitute for dandelion greens in my mother’s Dandelion Salad recipe. If you didn’t get a chance last time, check last week’s newsletter for a delicious endive salad with bacon dressing (you can find all of our newsletters on the web page).

Chard- A lovely dash of the rainbow in any box.  Easy to throw into any stir fry, or add color to a fresh salad.  The chard was one of the first crops we planted out during a dry spell in late March and it seems to be enjoying the muggy weather.

Scallions – Scallions (also known as green onions) make a delicious addition to a fresh salad, stir-fry, or anywhere you might use onions instead.  These are from our Amish neighbors and are naturally grown but not certified organic.  This’ll probably be the last week for scallions this spring – the garlic scapes are starting to come in now and soon we’ll be giving those out instead.

Herbs –  Some herbs to add extra flavor to any dish.  This week you might have oregano, basil, or rosemary.  Basil shouldn’t be refrigerated, but the other herbs will keep better that way if you’re not using them right away.

Lettuce Heads – For your salad or sandwich pleasure, big hearty heads of Magenta lettuce.

Transplants – Everyone is getting some basil to grow in their own garden or windowsill, now that the weather is hot.  Basil loves warm, sunny places to grow – but if you don’t feel like gardening, you can always just keep it alive for a few days and then use it as a regular herb.


Asparagus alla Milanese

Swiss Chard with Middle Eastern Savor

Other News:

Blue Rooster Farm – on special for Tuesday, June 5th, lamb stew meat for $7.85/lb. Great time of year for kabobs!

Upcoming Events at Village Acres

  • Saturday, June 2– Morning Farm Market and Farm Fresh Breakfast–8am -noon
  • STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL: Saturday June 16. 3-8 PM. Open invite to all CSA members to come tour the farm, pick your own strawberries, and enjoy a potluck with the farm crew and other CSA member. Event will be held rain or shine.
  • Live Music at the FoodShed July 7th–The Heggs – Folksy Rock – café opens at 6.