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Posted 5/11/2012 9:23am by Dave.

Welcome to all of our 2012 members!  Our weekly newsletter provides a place for you to hear a little news from the farm (brought to you by me or one of our other crew members), read about what’s in the box that week, and find a few new recipes to stoke your imagination.  This year we’ll be trying to integrate the newsletter a little better online, so (as you can see) you can check out this Farm Note here on our blog, search the lists of recipes online, and maybe we can put a few photos up of some of those more exotic, hard-to-describe vegetables you may be getting in your boxes.  If nothing else, when we get a little long-winded in here, we won't have to shrink the newsletter font down to fit it all on two pages.  One of our workers, Will, is even daydreaming about writing us a farm comic strip, but that may be dreaming a little too big. Of course, we’re all still busy seeding, hoeing, weeding, irrigating, and covering and uncovering crops while we wait to see if it frosts out to spend much time online – but we’re moving ourselves into the twenty-first century.

      The farm is speeding up every day as May moves past us.  We thought we were in good shape in late March, with dry hot weather draining our fields of all that moisture left over from last year, but the rainy, windy, chilly weather of late April slowed down lots of our March plantings and made weeds spring up all over the farm.  It can be hard to get ahead of the game in farming with all the different things that get thrown our way, but we’ll be doing our best to fill your boxes with tasty spring greens, as well as some asparagus and rhubarb, while the strawberries spend their “sweet” time ripening in the field.  Summer seems to be rushing towards us at breakneck speed! 

In the box this Tuesday: Arugula (full shares only - a few are getting radishes instead), asparagus, bok choy, herbs, scallions, lettuce heads, radishes, rhubarb, and spinach.


Linguine with Asparagus, Lemon, and Spring Herbs

Rhubarb-Apple Crisp

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