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Thanksgiving/December: Are you signed up?

Posted 10/11/2018 11:14am by Debra Brubaker .

Hello Folks,

As I mentioned in the farm note earlier this week, we are nearing the end of the regular Summer/Fall Season.  As in previous seasons, we have planned some optional add on shares for the holiday season (Thanksgiving week, Dec, 4th, and Dec 18th).  Some of you have already signed up and paid for these.  If you are not sure, you can check by entering your email address associated with your membership at http://www.villageacresfarm.com/members/statusemail or we will have checklists for these optional shares at next week's distribution so you can confirm that you are signed up for the options you would like.  

If you are not signed up, but would like to add any of these optional weeks (and eggs) to your membership you can follow a link in the status email you receive if you go through the link above. You will be asked to enter your email address again, and be sent another email that will give a link for making the changes.  If this process is too complicated, feel free to send me an email, talk to Jackie or me at distribution, or jot down a note on next week's checklist and I will make any changes requested.  

Also, we are not raising turkeys again this year. If you are interested in locally raised pastured turkeys, I know of two different farms that are raising turkeys again this year.  I'd suggest contacting them ASAP to make sure to reserve yours!

Over the Moon Farm (State College area)

North Mountain Pastures (Perry County)

Thanks everyone, and have a good gray day!